Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beads, beads, beads

It's like magic. We arrive in Palm Desert and I'm drawn to The Hacienda Anura Bead Company. The shop is like a pirates treasure, baskets of beads, all colors and sizes, handmade bobbles, carvings, semi-precious stones, and dreamy little trinkets. I was looking for turquoise beads to string for my mother. Last year the shop's owner, Claire, taught me how to string pearls. This is what I bought, aren't they gorgeous?

I couldn't help but take photos of the bead collection. They're on the walls, the tables, in baskets and bins - everywhere!

I think this could be an abstract painting or a wild printed fabric.

And these look almost edible.

This is Claire. See the drawing on the wall? That's Licken, Claire's doberman, a grand old gal. I brought the drawing to Claire when we were here in November. I was so pleased to see it on the wall.

Why do I make jewelry? Part of the joy is imagining the project, rolling it around in my mind before it's ever drawn on paper. Then there's the joy of finding just the right beads or stone. Part of the joy is the process, tying the knots or hammering the silver. There is the joy of finishing. And the great joy of giving it away and seeing the finished product worn.

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