Sunday, March 8, 2009

Desert Holocaust Memorial

The sun was shining brightly, the air warm, and yet the light posts depicting barbed wire fences surrounding Nazi concentration camps chilled me. The trees bordering the memorial represent life outside the camps. With trepidation, I stepped inside the circle.
My mind wandered to Luxembourg visiting my friend, Victoria. We traveled together to Germany. With dread, I visited Dauchau, the Nazi concentration camp outside of Munich. Like today, the sun was bright. Tourists strolled and smiled. My heart pounds and my palms are damp remembering. That's what these memorials are for, remembering the horror and remembering those who lived and died.
I wanted to turn my eyes away from the larger than life sculpture in the center of the circle. The faces spoke to me and brought tears to my eyes. Each image representing those who suffered greatly, millions of innocent people. With numbers that large - millions - it's hard for me to grasp. But when I think of each person. Each individual. Like me, or my mother or father, my sister or brother, I ache for them. Each one of those millions who are gone.
I left with few photos. But with hope for the future and gratitude for my life and freedom.

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