Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Squam Art Workshop, Part 2

Choosing photographs to post I yearn for New Hampshire and the sisterhood (forgive me &rew) I enjoyed at Squam Art Workshops.

Our cabin, Kilkare.

Without us knitting, talking, and sharing ideas, stories, and thoughts, our porch doesn't look the same. But the view...

I managed to snap this before digging in!

Did I need this sweet roll with it's flaky crust, cinnamon, and nuts? Just out of the oven, it was warm. My mouth waters thinking about it. Good food is art too, you know.

This simple sign brought me to Maya's class, Botanical Printing. What a dreamy day.

Maya's examples helped us envision what we could achieve.

Her burlap LOVE banner welcomed us.

Maya and me. Can you feel it? We're cut from the same cloth.

One of the prints created in our class.

I wish I could attribute the work with the artists who created them, but I didn't capture names. The work was shown in the dining hall - wonderful creations from the sessions.

This is Liza Hamilton, a wonderful artist and warm human being. Click on the link to see her work.
This is Liza's piece from the three-day Exquisite Lidded Vessel course. I was so tempted to sign up but I needed to experience variety. But next year...

This is from the Block Printing Fabric session. I wanted to attend this class, too. And Creative Characters, Recycled Felting, Nature Inspired DIY Design, and knitting classes, too numerous to mention.

This knitted sweater was casually thrown over a chair. Creativity was everywhere.

It may not look like much, but it's a bag that I made from an old T-shirt in about 30 minutes in Betz White's, Make Your Own Bag class. It's handy and will definitely be used.

Professional looking pieces came out of the Wallpaper Projects class.

Goodbye Squam Lake for 2009.


  1. cut from the same cloth... yes! all of that love and enthusiasm pouring out of us in class was bound to be contagious. it was a very special day, and you are a big reason why!

  2. So good to keep visiting the photos. Stil gives me a rush . I am working on a crochet vest for my grand daughter that I will cover in part with the scrumbles I learned at SAW>
    Hope you are well and happy , Susan.


  3. I could really use some of that breakfast right about now! Lovely photos, now I want to take a vacation! Thanks for stopping by! -Allison

  4. i am dreaming about going to squam next year....your pictures are wonderful and convincing

  5. This looks like great fun! I wish I could have been there, I love what everyone came up with....the handmades are lovely!